Home Eye Check-Up

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

1) What is Home eye checkup?

We are the first eyewear e-commerce platform that provides eye check-up at home service. We have experienced and certified optometrist coming at your home to conduct eye check-up of you and your family. The optometrist will provide 1-on-1 consultancy to you.

2) How much does your home eye check-up cost?

When you book for a home eye check-up. You will be charged Rs 400 for the first person of the family and other members of your family will be charged additional Rs 300 per person i.e inside the ring road.

Outside the ring road: Rs 600 for the first person of the family & additional Rs 400 per person. 

3) How do I make the appointment for the home checkup?

Click this link for an appointment. 

4) How long does a home check-up last?

A home check-up test will take up to 30 minutes per person.

5) Who will come for the eye checkup?

An experienced and qualified optometrist and a fitter who will show you the wide range of frames to you.

6) Will I be able to buy eyewear from the home eye checkup team?

Yes, you will be able to buy from them as well.

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